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Jesus commanded us to, “Go therefore and make disciples,” and [All In] is a step forward on that commitment as a church to secure initial funding to pursue the opening of two new campuses: one online and one in a new location. We hope to create warm and compelling environments where people far from God and the Church feel welcome and can connect with Christ. In addition to our local community, we recognize that many in our region make the sacrificial decision to serve in our Armed Forces. Through our Online Campus, the arms of our church family can stretch around the world and make sure each and every member feels connected.

Roughly $2.1 million of our financial goal will be dedicated to Vision Implementation. Take a look at the major projects that drive our financial goals during the [All In] Generosity Initiative for the Community: 

Launching New Multi-Site Campuses

Making more and better followers of Christ has long been our creed here at Coastal. One of the most effective ways we’ve obeyed Jesus’ Great Commission (to “go therefore and make disciples…”) in the past has been through a multi-site church strategy (one church, multiple locations). Coastal is now stronger than ever in terms of size, financial health, and unity—we feel now is the time to resume this part of our mission by revisiting a multi-site strategy. [All In] will help us resource these new campuses. We believe God is prompting us to launch a new Coastal campus in the Hampton Roads area (location TBD), as well as an online campus, which would allow people to connect regardless of their location.

Project Funding: $250,000