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Since the beginning of Coastal, families have been at our core, prompting our early investment in dynamic children and student ministries. As a church, we recognize and place a high value on creating high quality programming to come alongside parents as they raise up the next generation of Christ followers. The [All In] Generosity Initiative renews that commitment— dedicating funding to the expansion of our children’s space and a long-overdue renovation for Building “B” (the primary facility for our Student Ministry). Our mission is to continue our emphasis on excellent services for the families of today, in order to prepare those who will be the Church of tomorrow.


Roughly $2.1 million of our financial goal will be dedicated to Vision Implementation. Take a look at the major projects that drive the our financial goals during the [All In] Generosity Initiative for the Family: 

Children’s Ministry Building A Expansion

It is often said that children are our most valuable natural resource, and at Coastal we couldn’t agree more! Toddlers today are the church leaders of tomorrow. Our plans for the expansion of our Children’s Ministry spaces don’t just allow for a greater overall capacity, they encourage lower child-to-staff/volunteer ratios, ensuring that every child is seen and heard during their early walk with Christ. Our plans would facilitate the inclusion of any number of teaching styles—theater, song, dance, etc.—enabling us to provide programming that caters to every child. Finally, we recognize the need in our community for stellar church services for families with special needs children, and we’re more than ready to step in and help fill that vacuum with excellence.
Project Funding: $1.2 Million

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Student Ministry Renovations Building B

For those of you who have attended a Discover Coastal Lunch, you’re somewhat familiar with the primary space used for our Student Ministry. To say it needs a facelift might be an understatement. Through the [All In] Generosity Initiative, we hope to bring the Student Ministry spaces up to the level of our other Coastal ministries. The key focus is updating the main worship and multipurpose space on the first floor, creating a room that is more flexible, welcoming, and teen-friendly. In addition to the Student Ministry, the room is also weekly utilized by our Food Pantry meaning all of the renovation work helps maximize all the ministries using that space! 

Project Funding: $200,000