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What is the campaign’s financial goal? 
Our goal is a total of 3.9 million over the next two years.


What’s the best way to prepare?
Pray: Take the important step to prepare your heart, and ask God what He would have you give.
Listen: Allow God to expand your vision - we can be enabled through Him to do more than we thought possible. Expect: God blesses our faithfulness, so be sure to have an open heart to see how God works through you and through the [All In] process. 


How should I be praying for [All In]? 
We are all in this faith challenge together, so a great way to focus our prayer is for the others involved: that God would Strengthen our faith (Hebrews 12:2), that we would act in Faith (James 2:17-18), and that we would Celebrate the fact that our faith pleases God (Hebrews 11:6) 


Will I be able to adjust my commitment if I need to over the next 2 years?
Of course! Your commitment is between you and God, and you can adjust your giving up and down as you feel you are being led.


How did you come up with the [All In] financial goals?
After much prayer, seeking God and wise counsel, the Elder Team and Church Staff established a strategic list of projects that will allow Coastal to address our limiting factors and move into a new season of fruitfulness for God’s Kingdom.


Is my [All In] gift tax-deductible?
Of course! Coastal remains a registered not-for-profit, rendering all gifts or donations tax-deductible.


What are the various methods I can use to send in my gift?
It's easy to give at Coastal. You can give via cash, check, by text, or online giving. Most people fall into one or a combination of these 3 giving patterns. 1) Giving a one time gift; 2) Giving consistently over 24-months (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually); 3) Giving through stored resources (stocks, bonds, savings, real estate, etc.)


What comes after [All In]?
As we continue to follow God, we believe that He will lead us towards making an ever expanding impact. It's a big world out there that's filled with pain and hurt, and we have the answer: sharing Christ's love and grace, drawing others into this amazing journey. Specifically, we will follow where God guides—and we won’t hold back. We will use whatever means necessary to take as many people to heaven with us. For His glory.


To whom can I direct any questions I might have about the [All In] campaign?
Specific questions can be directed to jd@vbcoastal.com. General inquiries can be sent to allin@vbcoastal.com.


Why is the project called [All In]?
When we’re “all in” with God - with His purposes and His people - we’re unstoppable for His Kingdom. In scripture we are often reminded of how important it is for us to be “all in” with God (check out Luke 10:27 and John 17:22-23)! We chose the name because our primary goal is 100% participation and engaging our entire Coastal family in what we believe God has planned for the church!


Are we becoming too large?
We firmly believe that as long as there are people who don’t know the love and grace of God, then we need to grow! As a church, we put a strong emphasis on joining LIFE Groups or serving in one of our ministries in order to find those smaller spaces where we can be known and know others. There are people waiting to become part of your life, and we’re here to help connect you!


What’s an Intention Card?
Great question! It’s simply a written version of your intention to participate in the [All In] generosity initiative. Every person who thinks of Coastal as “My church,” is asked to pray about how God would have them participate in what the Lord is doing by making a 2-year financial commitment. It’s not about the amount, it’s about the faith process that grows our discipleship in the area of stewardship. The card will ask you to record your normal annual giving and add your [All In] commitment, multiplied by 2 years. The form should help provide a snapshot at your overall contribution.