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The past few years have seen Coastal grow through a series of defining moments. Our move into a new facility was a game-changer and saw our church enter a period of unprecedented growth and passion! Now more than 18 years old, Coastal’s longevity has cemented its place in the heart of the Virginia Beach community. Through our Food Pantry, each week we provide groceries to families in need right here at home. Simultaneously, on the other side of the world, our church supports missions in South Africa and Haiti ensuring that while we’re locally engaged, we’re also globally relevant. The Coastal of tomorrow is increasingly engaged, powerfully involved, and living the message of Christ with the people of the world.

Roughly $2.1 million of our financial goal will be dedicated to Vision Implementation. Take a look at the major projects that drive the our financial goals during the [All In] Generosity Initiative for Impact: 

Go All In With Community Partners

Coastal has always believed that the Gospel compels us to meet the needs of others. You'll find LIFE Groups at Coastal dedicated to this idea, living out the principle of “Impact Others”—a core commitment of every group. You'll also see individual families and church-wide initiatives focused on these endeavors such as Coastal's Food Pantry. Our hearts and actions are increasingly drawn to helping children in South Africa and Haiti through our missions partners. We focused our local reach in November 2017 through our IMPACT sermon series by asking members to give their time, energy, and resources towards supporting local organizations making a difference right here in our neighborhoods. This energized us as a church! Our heart beats to impact others locally and around the world.

Project Funding: $150,000