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[All IN]

We hope you are as excited as we are to be living in a time of unprecedented blessing and unprecedented challenge at Coastal these days. Both are from the Lord, and both will require great faith from all of us if we’re to move into the next season God has for our church.

In order to respond to God’s challenge before us, Coastal’s leadership feels led to launch [All In] - an exciting 2 year generosity initiative for our entire church family. [All In] marks the next step in Coastal’s journey to change lives by helping people know Jesus, because we believe everyone’s life is better when Jesus is at the center of it. We’re asking you to join us seeking God’s Heart for our church’s future and His Will for how you can be all in. Our #1 goal is for every person who thinks of Coastal as their church family to pray and consider how they can be all in… because when we’re all in with God, His purposes and His people, we become unstoppable for His Kingdom.
Will you join us in being [All In]?

Pastor Hank and Donna


Introducing [All In]

These principles guide our [All In] Generosity Initiative, the truths that form both the core of Coastal’s past and the path for our future.

Primary Goal - 100% Participation - Our primary goal is 100% participation in the Generosity Initiative as a church. We believe that every person that calls Coastal home can open their hearts and experience a life-changing encounter with Christ.

Secondary Goal - $3.9 Million - We have a handful of projects (explained later on) that we believe Christ is guiding Coastal to complete in the next few years.

What’s a “One-Fund” initiative?

  • You may have participated in church campaigns in the past in which you were asked to give a second gift (‘above and beyond’ your usual gifts) to make special initiatives like new ministries and facilities possible. Normally, you gave that above and beyond gift to a ‘Building Fund’ as you also continued to give to the ‘General Fund.’ This two-fund approach can be confusing, especially to those who have not yet engaged in giving.

  • We’re taking a “one-fund” approach. The Coastal family has one mission - to make more and better followers of Christ and Christ-following churches. To reflect that one mission, we will give to one fund.

  • The [All In] initiative will last for two years. In those two years, every gift that is given to Coastal will go to [All In] to help us continue being all in with families, our community and impacting the world for Christ.


Understanding [All In]

It is completely fair to wonder why we’re launching the Generosity Initiative— Coastal is in a good place, we’re growing, and things seem to be going well! You’re not wrong at all! However, we believe that Coastal is being called to something greater, and let us explain why.

Why Grow?

There is a deep ache in our culture, and forces are at work that seek to divide communities, people groups, and even families. Coastal is a place of peace and connection where we seek to abandon our differences and engage one another with love and respect. This doesn’t just happen on Sundays—our goal is to constantly spread Jesus’ powerful message of forgiveness that is so desperately needed locally and abroad. We believe that Coastal should continue to grow, that we should be actively and continuously working in our community to bring new believers into the church and to be a place of refuge and calm for those non-believers that need help and a kind embrace. This is a time in our society where good things happen because of good people moving together. This is why we seek to grow.

Why Now?

This isn’t going to happen overnight, don’t worry! The [All In] Generosity Initiative is a 2-year plan to secure a foundation for the future of Coastal. However, we are choosing to launch now because we have a confidence that is inspired by Christ! We see the amazing things He has done at Coastal since we moved into our primary building a few years ago, and believe that the time has come to continue that motion forward. In physics and sports there is a phrase that we think applies to Coastal right now: momentum. We have a vibrant church membership, a great team of leaders, and a God who is guiding us—and that’s why we’re all in right now!

Why Me?

The short version is this—a successful church has invested members and attendees! We, quite literally, won’t be able to do this without you. At the same time, we believe that as a part of Coastal you stand to benefit from helping us grow. Our new children’s spaces and renovated Student Ministry areas will directly impact your kids and teens. Launching a new campus will positively impact this region we call home. And finally, we hold that as believers we have a Biblical responsibility to participate in building the Church of Christ here on earth. We are the stewards of Coastal—stewards defined as, “those who manage and direct the concerns and affairs of a household.” Coastal is our home, so let’s welcome as many others as we can!